We produce the Origin collection in Quebec, Canada. 

At Rieka WE CARE

At Rieka, complete transparency is our priority.
We take pride in creating garments that are made here, in our own ethical factory in Canada or the artist collection is sourced from sustainable companies.

We source only the finest quality fabrics that are environmentally responsible, as we believe that respecting nature and people should be a priority.
The world is changing and making a positive social impact is a responsibiltiy we take seriously at Rieka because, we care.


  • ORIGIN: Made in Canada, from fabric knitted in Montreal or Oeko-Tex certified & organic.
  • All Polar fleece, Pet (Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate) has improved so much that it is now virtually interchangeable with conventional polyester while being environmentally superior. It is soft & durable. 
  • TAKAYA: Apparel created from, recycled polyester aim to be continuously recycled with no degradation of quality, allowing us to minimize wastage. This means polyester garment manufacturing could potentially become a closed loop system. Made in China in ethical factories only. 

OUR Artist collection APPAREL.

Alternative apparel basics, that are sustainable & recognized for their great unisex fit & long lasting quality.